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Quality Score In Adwords- How to Improve it? Steps To Follow

Quality Score In Adwords- How to Improve it? Steps To Follow
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What Is Quality Score In Adwords?

Quality score in AdWords is defining your quality of ads, keywords and landing page relevance. It is a clear understanding that higher the quality ads can lead to lower cost of your AdWords campaign cost and provide better ad position.

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You can also get more insights about the quality score on google ads help

The quality score of your ads is reported on a scale of 1-10 and depends on various things expected Click through rate, Landing page experience, Ad relevance and keywords targeting.

Improving your Adwords quality score is not an easy job for PPC Experts. You need a solid understanding of quality score optimization.

People often search for these queries in google
  • What Is Quality Score In Adwords?
  • How do I find my quality score in AdWords?
  • What does a high-quality score indicate?
  • How do you get a 10/10 quality score in AdWords?

In this article, I will explain to you each step on how to improve your AdWords quality score. I am sure you will not regret after reading this

How do I find my quality score in AdWords?

Here are steps explained with images and you can follow to find your AdWords quality score in your AdWords account.

  • First Login to your Google AdWords account
  • Select the relevant campaign and ad group for which you want to check the quality score in AdWords campaign
quality score in adwords
  • Select the keyword from the left side in your AdWords campaign dashboard and click on the column as shown in the next image
What Does Quality score indicate in Adwords?

Quality score in AdWords indicates the keywords, landing page and ads relevant to the viewer.

In Adwords Quality score depends upon the multiple factors :
  • Your Ads click-through rate (CTR).
  • The relevance of the keywords that you are targeting in your ad group
  • Landing page quality and content relevance
  • Ad Text relevance
  • It Also considers your historical AdWords account performance.
How do you get a 10/10 quality score in AdWords?

There is a simple formula in Adwords to get a good quality score

Ad Rank = CPC Bid * Quality score

Want to make a profit with your AdWords spent? Follow these steps to get a 10/10 quality score in AdWords.

  • Keyword research: Before to set up the Adwords campaign. Do proper keyword research. You must follow the guidelines on keyword research for AdWords optimization.

Choose your keyword wisely, before spending a dime in adwords

Your Keywords targeting must match to your ad relevance and content. If you are running a new campaign from scratch, try to use phrase match type keywords for your campaign.

This method will help you to get high CTR ;). My personal secret to getting a 10/10 quality score for AdWords.

  • Landing Page Relevance: Your targeted landing page must be relevant to your ad copy and keywords and it must be matched to your content in the landing page.
Certain factors that influence your AdWords quality score
  1. Website Loading Speed.
  2. Clear attention to user requirement
  3. Your page should be AMP Optimized for the mobile users
  4. Mention CTA ( Call to Action Button ). Here is a guide you can follow
  5. Your landing must be easy to navigate and the user can understand easily.
  6. Improve trust score of the landing page add ( phone number, business information and social profile to get more attention )
  7. Improve bounce rate
  8. Add Clear images and Videos to understand easily about your product or service
  9. Add Targeted keyword in the content, so that it can easily be crawled.
  10. Always target your landing that you are using for SEO purpose. Because that will you more ideas to improve it.

Improve CTR ( Click Through Rate )

How to improve CTR for your ad campaign?

Lots of people search for this question. But no one can give you deep insight into this.

To Improve the ( Click through Rate )CTR. Follow these simple steps
  1. Add targeted keywords to your AdWords campaign
  2. Never use same keywords type in the same ad group. For example; If you are using phrase match keywords. Follow only that step for the particular ad group.
  3. Use Long-tail keywords. These keywords are helpful for your AdWords campaign
  4. Do competitors research. Learn the Guide on SEMRUSH. This tool can help you with your goals
  5. Check either your keywords are not clashing with different match types. For Example, you are targeting “buy shoes online” in the different ad group and in another ad group, you are targeting the same keyword with different match type +buy +shoes +online.
    They will clash for not showing your ads properly. To avoid these things.
  6. Add negative keywords to your campaign. This keyword will avoid irrelevant clicks which are not useful for your campaign.
  7. Ad Text must be relevant to your keywords.
  8. Insert targeted keywords in your Ad copies
  9. To improve the campaign CTR, You must add extensions to your campaign ( Phone extension, Sitelinks, structured snippet, Price extension, location extension, etc). This will help you in getting improvements in your quality score in AdWords.

To Conclude up this article. Follow these simple steps to get a better quality score in AdWords, which will help you in reducing the cost of the click (CPC). TO be true with readers, Adwords optimization is all about try with different methods. So try with new things that decrease your AdWords cost and improve the ROI.

Note: But there some niche that is not possible to reduce the keyword click cost. It also depends on the industry business-standard. Google Is very Smart
with its algorithm.

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