Call to Action Button Best Practices : CTA Best Practices

Call to Action Button Best Practices : CTA Best Practices
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What is Call to Action ?


Call to action  is a form of an instruction on your website content that helps to convert your website visitor with a desire action.

A prompt is a mention on your website with a call to action button on your web page with a call to action words”Signup Now” ,”Buy Now” etc.

Marketing calls to action have two key elements. Driving traffic your website & second is to get your website visitors converting into a customer.

You are advertising the business with PPC agencies to drive million visitors to the website if they are not converting  to the certain action, what’s is the point of hiring the best PPC agencies or an SEO expert ?

We can also say about call to action button can be with  a text & image that converts the visitor to give immediate action with your website.

Why is It Important to have Call To Action Button ?

Call to action button is a key element on your website that user knows what to do next. call to action button helps both the user & content developer to give equal priority.

Best calls to action make it clear understanding to each visitor what next step to be taken & help to remove the friction.

Without a clear call to action, marketing will loose your website conversion goal.

There can be a certain call to action website which uses the different call to action examples to increase the sales funnel, newsletter, subscriber, sign up. 

How to write a call to action ?

Writing persuasive call to action words will help your sales growth. It is all about clear content with CTA.

Writing an effective call to action for your content will give you instant action for your blog or your promotional product. 

Let your audience know what you want them to do with your blog content or product review !!! 

Here is the list of call to action best practices:

  • Find The best call to action phrases for your audience
  • Use call to action phrases for the desired action what you want from your audience
  • Write provoke emotion words in your content
  • Give your audience a reason why they should take the desired action on you call to action website
  • Take Advantage of FOMO– Fear of missing out the favorite tactics to  get your customer
  • Check your website is actionable with other devices ( Mobile optimize, Ipad, tablet etc)
  • High Light your creativity
  • Give Free ebook or Giveaways
  • Use urgent language in your content
  • Check your competitor  advertising call to action examples
  • Set good call to action words
  • Set call to action design on your website content
  •  It is necessary to choose types of call to action button for your audience type.
  • check call to action button size according to website layout

Example Image from one of my niche blog. How I targeted great call to action buttons on an affiliate website

call to action button

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