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Best Ppc Tools for Adwords Management

Best Ppc Tools for Adwords Management
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We are into the 21’st century & since the dawn of mankind, we are inventing a different kind of tools that help us to survive and overcome the daily challenges. All our tools began as very primitive and we have evolved them greatly as time went on.
In 2016 best PPC tools are essential for every Internet Marketer & choosing the best PPC tools will save your time.

The best PPC tools also help in providing vital insights that encourage you & also help your company ROI or your clients’ requirements

There are  different kind of tasks we need to do while working with paid marketing campaign & we can’t do deep analysis with the help of PPC tools that are used for campaign optimization for i.e landing Page Test, A/b test, Ad testing, heat map score etc.

Why we Need Best PPC Tools for Adwords Campaign Management


According to per market present goals, all big brands are always looking for opportunities to hop and gain competitive advantage.  Every business needs competitors for your a startup, establishing your brand with a great idea that you would like to implement for your future business goals.

Competitive analysis play’s an important role in your business ethical marketing strategies into the real business growth

Always remember your business competitor are your real friends

Big brand &  Big venture companies spend a lot of time and money to reveal the strength and weakness of their competitors. 

What do you need to know about your competitor?

We need an ethical marketing strategy to give a better understanding in the marketplace. With a Competitive analysis, you can develop an initial business plan to give a better outshine to your rivals and can earn loyal customer growth.

What we need to Focus ?

  • Your Competitors targeted user
  • Best product or service
  • Skills and their Management team
  • Social Presence  and advertising
  • Discount offers
  • About their service and support from their team
  • Prime Customer motivators
  • Holiday giveaways
  • Resources Or what tools are they using to targeting their customer
  • Website Advertising

Big List of the Best PPC Tools used by top ppc agencies

    • Adwords Editor PPC tool:

      Google Adwords Editor is one of the best PPC tools for pay per click advertising companies google adwords account management.Adwords Editor is free ppc tools to manage the bulk edit of the ad group, keywords , and ad campaign.
      Adwords Editor tool can help the ppc management agency and advertiser for managing the large google search advertising campaign.
      best ppc tools

      What You can do with Google Adwords Editor PPC Tool

      In google pay per click advertising, every digital marketer or top PPC agencies hire a professional to run & manage their google AdWords campaign management account for their business advertising online.

      Adwords Editor is free to a downloadable application for managing your Ad Campaigns click here to download the AdWords editor tool. It works with both operating systems either windows & MacBook user.

      Some Features I  used personally with Google Adwords Editor PPC tool

    • Bulk edit to make multiple changes to your ad campaigns Quickly
    • Export & import large Account campaign in just single click installation
    • Manage, edit & view multiple accounts at the same time
    • You can search & replace the text across the ad group or Ad campaigns
    • AdWords editor, you can search & replace your text in ad group and campaigns
    • Undo your ad campaigns with multiple of times
    • You can use shortcuts commands & can work more easily

Here is the Video Transcript for the Adwords Editor


Adwords Script Tool (free):  This  PPC tool can help’s  in managing AdWords account with programmatically. Adwords Script tool also help’s  PPC agencies & AdWords professional to control AdWord management data using simple javascript codes in a browser that is based on IDE.

best ppc tools

You can use AdWord scripts to automate your campaign performance or the external data to as many accounts . To start with Adwords script you must be familiar with javascript & only needs AdWords account to start with adwords editor PPC tools.

Google Adwords Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the freemium web service offered by Google that tracks your website visitor and report website traffic.

best ppc tools

Adwords, bing Advertisement , and other third party ad networks don’t tell you real ad click to your ad. You can link your google analytics account with your AdWords account  to track the performance of your ad clicks.

SEMrush ( Paid tool):

If you are looking for deep analysis for your AdWord competitor or your organic data. This SEMrush tool can give you deep PPC lookup for your ad campaign.

It is one of the best digital intelligence tools for digital marketers. SEMrush is one of the most versatile tools for SEO and PPC insight.

I personally use this tool for analyzing the competitor marketing strategies

It is one of the best Digital intelligence tools you can also check the review about this tool Semrush Review & Tutorial : How This Tool Can Help to Dominate Search Engine

Spyfu Keyword Tool ( Paid) :

This is one of the most intelligence best PPC tools that help the PPC agencies and internet marketing professional to find the better keyword opportunity. Top PPC management agency and SEO agencies use this spyfu keyword tool to dominate the search engine.

You can find deep analysis about your competitor organic and paid data, the best things are, if you are looking for the profitable keywords this tool  will work for you like “one man army”.

SPYFU keyword tool also help’s the affiliates network & digital ad agencies to find best publishers for their product. If you just launched an affiliate program and looking for affiliates relevant to the product competition. This spyfu tool gives you the best sources with affiliate links


Here is sample image Analysis one of my niche website 😉 😛 . This website had only Organic Traffic.

best ppc tools

Paid Organic Data one of my client data

best ppc tools


Optmyzr is one of the best time-saving best PPC tools for pay per click management agency. This tool can be used for both bing ads management & AdWord management, it forms a friendly and easy to use .

best ppc tools image preview[/caption]

The software’s  well known as one-click optimization for your AdWord management & highlight many ideas about your account to improve the quality score either by adding or eliminating the keywords ideas, display placement like google shopping campaign etc.

Choosing best Advertising online agency, you must be aware of your product landing page A/B test, This optmzyr tool analyzes A/B test score in  single click ad identify the best things about website landing page.

If you’re not able to write javascript in AdWords scripts this tool  help the marketers , those are not familiar with javascript code. You can simple signup with optmyr & link your AdWords account.

Heatmap.me (Paid & free ):

This tool gives you deep insight into the user interaction on website or landing page. Use Of heatmap can boost your conversion rate with 100% growth.

best ppc tools

Heatmap.me tool is one of the best PPC tools in the paid marketing & organic marketing. Many digital ad agencies & PPC professional use this tool for creating user-friendly web design and  create Call to Action Button, Sign up form, setting up pay per call campaign etc.

Heatmap.me tool allows you to manage your each visitor clicks to your landing page content & call to action button to particular product or lead, It also gives you deep insight about your visitor each action.

There are much more tools in the market but this tool you can use freely & analyze only single domain with five landing pages of your website.

What Heap do ? 

  • Where website user clicks ?
  • Check visitor scrolling
  • Find actual data CTR ratio
  • Optimize your conversion rate

Conclusion: There are more best PPC tools that are available in the market with paid & free account.

Which is your favorite PPC management tool? Comment below to start a conversation.

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